This science of weather... Simplified.
Russell, KS Forecast
Tonight 9°
Overnight lows approaching 9 under clear skies. Winds out of the northwest 5 to 10mph.
Tuesday 36°
Clear skies with highs around 36. Winds turning southwest 5 to 10mph.
Tuesday Night 21°
Lows dip down to about 21 under clear skies. Winds out of the southwest 5 to 10mph.
Wednesday 48° Low 26°
Mainly clear skies and quiet with daytime highs approaching 48. Southwest winds 5 to 10mph.
Thursday 55° Low 30°
Lots of sunshine with daytime highs approaching 55. Winds turning west 5 to 10mph.
Friday 56° Low 28°
Lots of sunshine with a high of 56. Southwest winds 8 to 15mph.
Saturday 36° Low 23°
Cloudy skies with daytime highs approaching 36. Northerly winds 10-20mph.
Sunday 42° Low 29°
Sunshine mixed with clouds at times with daytime highs approaching 42. Southwesterly winds 8 to 15mph.