US Weather Spotlight: 12-17-18 | weatherology°
By: Meteorologist Jeffrey Nordeen
Updated: Feb 25th 2019

US Weather Spotlight: 12-17-18

Once again a somewhat quiet day today. Only looking at two Low pressure systems across the US. One being in the NE that, in the early afternoon, will cause some snow showers.

 The other low being in the Pacific Ocean that will slowly make it's way East and cause rain showers on the Wrn side of mountains in WA, and snow showers on the east side.

Starting with the system in the NE. The low will spin just off the coast by Rhode Island and move NE causing some wide spread snow showers from there and north towards Vermont and Maine. Snowfall amounts will greatly range from 2-4 to the West of the system, and up to 5-6 inches over Vermont and southern portions of Maine. 

The system to the NW is primarily rain to the west of the mountains and then in the mountain range and to the east of will see snowfall. Snowfall amounts greatly vary again: low amounts as you move east will see about 2-4, and in the mountain heavier amounts are possible. 

The system to the NE leaves by the overnight, but the Low over the NW will linger for a couple days.

Stay safe out there!

Precipitation type depicted for early morning hour
Precipitation type depicted for early morning hours.
Precip Locations.
Simple Precipitation locations, could see rain more than snow.
Surface analysis map for the late afternoon.
Surface analysis map for the late afternoon timeframe.