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Today in weather history

In 1990...

Four tornadoes roared across parts of Central Kansas, of which 2 reached F3 intensity. One massive F3 tornado, possessing a track 26 miles long and three quarters of a mile wide, tore through Barton, Rice and Ellsworth counties. Described as a huge black wall, the tempest injured 6 and derailed 88 cars of a 125-car freight train, some of which were stacked 3 to 4 cars high. It caused around $500,000 damage. The second F3 tornado, believed to have touched down multiple times, produced a path 60 miles long and around one quarter mile wide across Rice, McPherson and Marion counties. This tornado also hit a freight train, derailing 87 of 103 cars. This second tornado caused nearly $3 million damage in McPherson and Marion counties alone.

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