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1982 - The second of two snowstorms struck Minneapolis in a 3 day period, overwhelming the Twin Cities with 17 to 20 inches of snow. Just two days earlier, a comparable snowstorm had buried the Twin Cities. The double winter whammy produced snow depths around 3 feet and drifts that reached an incredible 10 feet!
1943 - A world record temperature increase occurred at Spearfish, South Dakota, when a Chinook wind caused temperatures to soar from 4 below zero, to a balmy 45 degrees in just 2 minutes! An hour and a half later, the mercury free fell from 54 degrees to 4 below zero, in 27 minutes.

Weather Word of the Day

Lee-Side - The term lee-side in general refers to the sheltered side from the wind. In weather, this term is used when referring to the sides of a mountain range. The side that takes the prevailing winds first is known as the windward side, while the side opposite the prevailing winds is the lee-side. The lee-side of the Rocky Mountains is to the east of the mountain range.

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