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2000 - An F4 tornado struck areas around Tuscaloosa, AL, killing 11 people and injuring 125 more. The twister was Alabama's strongest one in November since 1950.
1989 - 57 cities from the Southern and Central Plains to the Appalachians reported record low temperatures. North Platte, Nebraska plunged to 17 below zero. Many areas from the Great Lakes to Northern New England were snowed under by one and a half to two and a half foot accumulations.
1988 - Fairbanks Alaska reported record warm temperatures. The high was a balmy 41 degrees, which was 43 degrees above normal.
1917 - A thirty-foot ice jam developed along the Ohio River, shutting the waterway down from Warsaw, KY to Rising Sun, IN. The ice jam held in place for 58 days, backing the river up a distance of 100 miles.
1835 - Bitter cold gripped New England on this date. At high noon, temperatures stood at four below zero in Boston, MA, 15 below in Norfolk, CT, and 17 below in Hanover, MA. Gale force winds made temperatures feel ever more bitter. During the night, fire swept across parts of New York City, destroying most of the city’s financial district.

Weather Word of the Day

Storm-Force Winds - Taken from the beaufort scale, to describe winds generally between 48 and 64 knots (55mph to 74 mph, 88 kph-119kph), more used by mariners and sailors than on land

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