Flood Statement
National Weather Service Eastern North Dakota/Grand Forks ND
955 PM CDT Sun Apr 22 2018
...The flood warning has been extended for these river locations in Minnesota...
North Dakota...
* Upstream of Warren...on the Snake River...in Marshall County
* Hallock...on the Two Rivers River...in Kittson County
* Enderlin...on the Maple River...in Cass and Ransom Counties
* Hillsboro...on the Goose River...in Traill County
...The flood warning continues for these river locations in
Minnesota...North Dakota...
* East Grand Forks...on the Red River ...in Polk and Grand Forks
* Oslo...on the Red River ...in Marshall...Walsh...Polk and Grand
Forks Counties
* Drayton...on the Red River ...in Marshall...Walsh...Kittson and
Pembina Counties
* Pembina...on the Red River ...in Kittson and Pembina Counties
* Alvarado...on the Snake River ...in Marshall County
.Spring snowmelt continues to keep some area rivers within or near
flood stage. The Red River at Oslo and the Snake River at Alvarado
remain within moderate flood stage. Oslo was still rising and
Alvarado was near crest. The Red River at Drayton and Pembina are
expected to reach minor flood stage in the next three to five days.
Lingering ice effects in smaller rivers and ditches off of the main
stem of the Red River may cause rapid fluctuations in river levels
over a short period of time. Generally rivers in the southern Red
River Valley were falling and sites in the northern Red River
Valley were steady or rising.
This forecast is for a 7-day period...the highest stage
indicated may not reflect the crest for this event.
Forecasts are updated daily and stage values will change
as new weather and river information is used.
River forecasts use 24 hours of forecast precipitation
between April 1st and October 1st, and 48 hours otherwise.
However, depending on the situation, they may include
precipitation expected through the next 72 hours.
Safety message...turn around, don't drown...
- Don't travel through flooded areas!
- Persons in the warned area need to take steps to protect life
and property. If necessary, move to a higher and safer location.
- Persons living in the Red River Basin should monitor river
levels while the river is in, or near, flood.
For more information...go to the AHPS/River section
on our web page at: www.weather.gov/grandforks
955 PM CDT Sun Apr 22 2018
The Flood Warning continues for...
* ...Enderlin...on the Maple River.
* until late Wednesday night...or until the warning is cancelled.
* At 8:00 PM Sunday the stage was 9.9 feet.
* Minor flooding is occurring and during the next 7 days...Minor
flooding is forecast.
* Minor Flood Stage is 9.5 feet.
* Forecast...the river will rise to a crest near 10.1 feet sometime
Monday afternoon. The river will fall below Flood Stage
Tuesday evening.
* Impact Statement(s) - At 9.5 feet, Flood Warning Stage...Minor.
Observer's farm near gage begins to flood.
Daily 7pm CDT/6pm CST forecast stage in feet:
Date Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
(month/day) 04/23 04/24 04/25 04/26 04/27 04/28 04/29
Enderlin 10.1 9.5 8.5 7.6 6.5 5.5 4.8