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Our focus is on radio stations across the Upper Midwest and across the country, featuring the most accurate and dependable weather information available.


Using only quality equipment and studio space, the Weather Eye Radio Network offers you superior, personalized vocalized weather. Our advanced audio content delivery methods allow for weather content to be updated hourly with the latest information available.

When severe weather strikes, the Weather Eye Radio Network meteorologists are readily available to bring our radio affiliates and partners the most accurate information with one-on-one live coverage. Using state of the art radar, satellite and local observation programs, we update our radio listeners and clients on exactly what to expect, when to expect, and where to expect the severe weather outbreak.

As a leader in radio weather forecasting, the Weather Eye Radio Network is currently expanding into the Latin radio network realm to deliver weather broadcasts in SAP, a service not offered by our competitors.

In addition to our audio services we also offer affiliates unique weather for their web sites with current conditions, customized graphics, local radar, and more! Numerous affiliates utilize this service and enjoy personally styled web weather that stylistically right onto their home page. The radio station listener can find local weather right on their local radio’s web site rather than going elsewhere for the same information.

For everyone to take advantage of at no cost, the Weather Eye Radio Network offers MyWeatherEye; a downloadable desktop program that delivers five-day forecasts, current conditions, local radar and up to the minute alerts among other useful features and maps. MyWeatherEye helps you stay in touch with current weather conditions and keeps you up to date with the latest information for you local area no matter where you are!

Let Weather Eye bring your company the quality weather coverage you’ve been looking for. Contact us here

Audio Examples:

30s forecast by Meteorologist Nicolle Morock
30s forecast by Meteorologist Paul Trambley
30s forecast by Meteorologist Steve Wohlenhaus

Utility/Energy Trading:

Weather Eye forecasts across the country for anticipate market trends for our clients in the utility and energy trading industries. With a custom created forecast database, our meteorologists provide our clients with the information they need to accurately anticipate production demands for the near future. The forecasts are updated throughout the day to give our clients the most up-to-date information available. We pride ourselves on our custom tailored solutions that provide for each client individually. Contact Weather Eye here for more information on how our meteorologists can help you!

Golf and Recreation:

From sunny skies to tornadic thunderstorms, golf course professionals and superintendents rely on the meteorologists at Weather Eye to plan daily activities and maximize safety. Weather Eye helps these subscribers to plan and carry out maintenance concerns, make important safety decisions and avoid any and all weather related complications. We provide daily forecasts as well as timely sever weather warnings, current radar and hi-resolution forecasting tools to pinpoint when precipitation, winds, or inclement weather may interfere with scheduled activities.

Other clients, such as amusement parks, athletic events, ski resorts, and outdoor concerts also take advantage of these same services to enhance daily operations and customer safety. Contact us at for more information on our unique customized solutions.