Brad Rodgers

Broadcast Meteorologist
A little more about Brad...

Brad Rodgers was born in central Indiana and raised in the Chicagoland area. During his childhood, Brad witnessed a spectacular lightning storm, which inspired him to learn more about meteorology. That passion carried over into the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he obtained his B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences. Brad interned on a field project name PLOWS (Profiling of Winter Storms) and after graduation, worked as a weather observer at the South Bend Regional Airport. Brad ended up with Weather Eye Radio Network shortly after and was welcomed to the state with a giant snowstorm! He loves severe weather in all of its forms and greatly looks forward to extending his skillset to such a vast area.

What's your favorite food? My favorite food is a tie between steak and spaghetti. While nothing beats a medium-rare steak from a nice steakhouse, spaghetti is great for cooking at home! Add a couple pounds of spicy Italian sausage to your favorite generic spaghetti sauce and you've got a great meal!
Favorite Vacation spot? Absolutely has to be Cedar Point! It has the best roller coasters in the world and an excellent atmosphere.
Favorite sport to play? Armchair football. You sit down on Sunday and watch the game while eating something terrible for you and yell at the TV why you're a better athlete than the professionals on TV.
Family? Most my family still lives back in the suburbs around Chicago. Most important to me however is my cat named Agent Jack Meower.