David Perrin

Broadcast Meteorologist
A little more about David...

David Perrin is from the Twin Cities area where he was born and raised. His fascination with thunderstorms and passion for science and math has led him down the path of meteorology. Whether is be through watching storms move in on the radar or shoveling half a foot of snow, he has always enjoyed the weather. He is of the rare breed that likes Minnesota winters, no matter how cold or covered in snow they are.

Favorite Food? Anything with red meat in it. London broil (filet mignon wrapped in bacon) and pasta prima (pasta dish my mom makes).
Describe your perfect day? I may need more hours in a day than what is provided. I would get up and head to a local ice rink with my brothers to play hockey for an hour or two. Come home after that to play some online video games (xbox) with brothers and friends. Then meet up with the fiancée and take her out for some shopping and a movie. Then head to a nice restaurant with her. Head home after dinner and play card games with our families. Progressive, Euchre, Solitaire. After that hop on the couch with Amanda and enjoy some Family Guy.
Favorite sport to play? Hockey. Ice hockey or street hockey, they are both fun. I play with my brothers and uncle as often as possible.
Your Inspiration? Awe struck by thunderstorms. I remember sitting in the kitchen window watching lightning flashes when I should have been sleeping. Wondering how thunderstorms worked. Growing up in MN I got to see almost all the aspects of weather so it fascinated me.