Greg Tatro

Weekend Manager /
Broadcast Meteorologist
A little more about Greg...

Greg Tatro was born and raised in KingMan, Kansas. Greg attended the University of Kansas and obtained his B.S. in Atmospheric Science. Greg knew ever since he was seven years old that he wanted to be a meteorologist. Greg's first grade teacher's son came and talked to them about weather and ever since then Greg was hooked. Greg comes to Weather Eye from KHAS-TV in Hastings Nebraska where he worked for 4 years as an on-air broadcast meteorologist.

Favorite Subject in School? Chemistry and Physics because I was a science geek.
Favorite Vacation Spot? Colorado, in the mountains. I tried skiing there, and then went hiking, hiking definitely won.
Family? Robert is my father, Louise is my mother and I have a younger brother Aaron.
If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would buy? I would purchase a gym since I'm there all the time anyways!