Paul Trambley

Lead Meteorologist
A little more about Paul...

Paul Trambley was born and raised in Plymouth, Minnesota, a suburb of the Twin Cites. Paul attended Gustavus Adolphus for 2 years before transferring to UW-Madison. He obtained his B.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science. Paul thought about being a stock broker at one time, but ultimately went back to his initial career choice of meteorologist. Paul has been working at Weather Eye since Spring 2002.

What do you order at a coffee shop? Hot Chai Tea, not a big coffee drinker.
What is your proudest moment? Walking down the aisle with my wife on our Wedding Day.
Favorite Vacation Spot? Bayfield, WI love the Northwood’s scenery set along side the splendor of Lake Superior. Great little town too.
Favorite Sport to Play? I always enjoyed playing basketball the most during high school and college. Played for my High School and then still played in an intramural league when I got to college. My favorite sport since college has become cross country skiing. I have competed in some marathon ski races in recent years such as the City of Lakes Loppet.
Why do you like your job? Because I have always had a passion for weather that started at a young age. Living in Minnesota fostered that excitement for weather in me. The extremes you experience first hand in this part of the country through out the year is hard to compete with. I always had a love for snow storms in particular. As a kid, I remember when there was a winter storm coming I would even record the forecast done by the weather channel or a local TV meteorologist.