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By: Sonia Gupta
Updated: Feb 26th 2019

Look Hot Without Feeling HOT

Don’t be THAT guy who passes out at the BBQ.

Here are some unusual tips to be cool as a cucumber during the summer while everyone else looks like a sweaty hot mess. Pull off that Wellness Influencer vibe, if you’re into that.


Eat your watermelon-

Think of it as an internal sunscreen; it builds up protection from the inside out!

Wear your aloe vera-

It will soothe your skin so you don’t shed like a snake.

Stay Hydrated!

Get your spa water on-

Slice a handful of cucumbers or lemons and throw them into your pitcher of water for a tasty twist.

Store-bought lemonade is yummy, but it burns up your body’s energy in order to digest, which doesn’t help cool you down.  

Skip the Ice-

You want to sweat more because that is how your body cools itself. 

Protect your eyes

Spend some Benjamins on nice polarized sunglasses-

Not only will you look 3x hotter than everyone else, you will also be protecting your eyes. Yes, light-colored eyes can burn!

Ladies- watch your eyelash game!

Don’t forget switch to sweat-proof or water-proof mascara so you don’t embarrass yourself.

If you have eyelash extensions, these can betray you. They won’t protect you from sweat or water (looking at you, Instagram models).

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