US Weather Spotlight: 1-7-19 | weatherology°
By: Meteorologist Jeffrey Nordeen
Updated: Feb 25th 2019

US Weather Spotlight: 1-7-19

A couple low pressure systems will be affecting two parts of the country: One in the Upper Midwest and the other just West of the Rockies.

With the first system over the Upper Midwest: Snow is primary precipitation North of the Twin Cities, but to the South of that will be either a mix or just rain, depending on surface temps. Also South of IA extending to the Ern part of OK could see rain showers as well. The system will push out of the Midwest by the evening bringing with it more snow showers in the UP and rain showers in the mainland of MI and also IN and OH.

Now to the West Coast: A low pressure system moves on shore that will cause rain showers on the coast and snow showers as it reaches ID and NV as well. This system will gradually dissipate as it goes East of the Mountains.

Snow totals:

  1. Upper Midwest: 1 - 1.5 inches near the cities, but further North could see 3-5 inches.
  2. Nrn WI: 4-6 inches and similar for the UP of MI.
  3. Mainland MI: About an inch towards the Mackinaw Bridge.
  4. ID and NV: 3-4 inches.

Have a Great Week!

QPF for Today W Coast and Part of UP MW.
Regions likely receiving more than 4 inches of snow.
Midwest Preip amounts.
Liquid Precip Amounts.
Surface Analysis.
Surface map. Low pressure bringing in Snow and rain in MW and Snow to the West.