US Weather Spotlight: 11-19-18 | weatherology°
By: Meteorologist Jeffrey Nordeen
Updated: Feb 26th 2019

US Weather Spotlight: 11-19-18

Still looking fairly quiet day across most of the US today. Only seeing a small area of snow showers in Eastern portions of Minnesota and the Northern parts of WI, and even into the UP. Then to the Central and Eastern parts of the country, we are looking at a wide and long stretching band of rain showers starting in Massachusetts, extending WSW towards parts of Arkansas and even down into parts of Eastern TX.

First focusing on the snow showers across the Upper Midwest. It's not looking to be a white out system by any means, but could still cause some travel concerns. Snow fall amounts looking to be around an 1.5-2 inches in upper Wisconsin to the UP, possibly heavier amounts the more East you go. For Minnesota, it's looking to be on the lower side around a half inch.

Now turning our attention to the rain band across much of the country. The rainfall amounts is not expected to heavy with the band, but locally heavier amounts are expected in Louisiana and Eastern Texas.

Some of these systems are expected to linger for most of the week.

6/7am CST/EST Precip Type.
6/7am CST/EST Snowfall in Upper Midwest. Rain band across the country.
6/7pm CST/EST Precip Type.
6/7pm CST/EST Snow moving out of the Upper Midwest. Rain band more prominent.
Snowfall Totals.
Total snowfall by end of day. 2-3 inches in some areas.