Weekend Weather Spotlight: 5-8-20 | weatherology°
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By: Meteorologist Phil Genskow
Updated: Feb 1st 2022

Weekend Weather Spotlight: 5-8-20

Highs rain totals, severe storms, and even snow are all possible through the weekend with one system moving through the east and another that will affect areas from MT east southeastward to western PA. 

The first system affecting the east will see an area of precipitation move from the lower to mid-MS River Valley early today through the OH and TN River Vallies and into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast by this evening and overnight. Severe storms will be possible on the southern end of the system affecting LA. southern MS, and southwest AL, snow with some accumulations likely to the north affecting a good chunk of New England, and steady rains with a half of an inch or more possible in a lot of areas in-between. 

The other system will build into central MT this evening and make it to western PA by Monday morning producing scattered rain showers, however on the northern side of the low a mix or changeover to snow is likely with some accumulations expected for parts of the Dakotas, central MN, and central WI mostly on Saturday and Saturday night.