Weekend Weather Spotlight: 5-1-20 | weatherology°
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By: Meteorologist Phil Genskow
Updated: Jan 25th 2022

Weekend Weather Spotlight: 5-1-20

No major systems expected to affect the country through the weekend. No organized severe storm threat also, but there will be a few storms that could produce some heavy downpours mainly in the vicinity of a couple of fronts dropped across parts of the country. 

Today good chances for rain continue in ME as a trough of low pressure continues to exit the Northeast. Rain chances will be fairly scattered further south into the Mid-Atlantic, and becoming more scattered throughout the rest of New England throughout the day. Further west shower chances will gradually end early today in NE MT and northwest ND near a cold front while chances develop eastward near a warm front moving through the eastern Dakotas and MN. As the cold front in MT heads south shower and storm activity is expected to develop in the central Rockies this evening and move into the central High Plains, and a spotty high wind gust could develop with these storms.

Saturday, more showers and storms are possible in the central Highs Plains near the cold front with chances developing further east to PA into the evening, and this threat will continue into Sunday, but just a bit south affecting areas from OK to northern VA. A spotty severe storm will be possible again in the central High Plains Saturday, and heavy downpours become the main threat further east over the entire weekend. Another cold front moves into the Northwest on Saturday producing some soaking rains in the region, and as it heads east into Sunday along with a trough of low-pressure showers chances developing in the northern Rockies and Plains.