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1992 - Hurricane Andrew roared onto the South Florida Coast. Packed with sustained winds that reached 175 mph, the horrific category 5 hurricane caused around $26.5 billion damage, and killed 65 people. It was the third costliest hurricane in United States history, exceeded only by Katrina (in 2005) and Ike (in 2008). The National Hurricane Center, which was located in Coral Gables at the time, measured a 189 mph gust on its roof when the radar tower was blown down. The damage sustained by the facility figured greatly in the decision to move the National Hurricane Center to a bunker like structure at Florida International University in 1995.
1987 - Record cold spread across the northeastern and north central portions of the U.S. St. Cloud set a record low of 37 degrees on this day in 1987.

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Wxof - Pronounced wox-off, slang from when surface observations were coded differently, and WX0F meant dense fog causing literally 0 ft forward visibility

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