US Weather Spotlight: 11-21-18 | weatherology°
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By: Meteorologist Phil Genskow
Updated: Jan 25th 2022

US Weather Spotlight: 11-21-18

A good chunk of the country looks good for travel this day before Thanksgiving with just a few potential trouble spots. First in western NY lake effect snow showers off Lake Erie and Ontario will effect areas from Buffalo with a few more inches are possible early today to Syracuse and Watertown where 2-5 inches could accumulate by Thanksgiving morning. The next area will be the west coast as storm continues to moves through this region with valley rains and mountain snows for Washington, Oregon and California. Some of the precipitation is expected to be heavy at times especially tonight with several inches of snow likely in the Sierra Nevada region and flood potential developing in the valleys of central and northern California. 

Rain is possible at times in southeast TX today as a low pressure system will be located just off the coast. Heavy downpours are possible in Brownsville by this afternoon and then Houston overnight.