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By: Meteorologist Megan Mulford
Updated: Feb 8th 2022

Wildlife Wednesdays: Animal Folklore

There are some animals as well as livestock that can predict if a harsh winter is upon us. According to folklore, here are several:

~ Thicker corn husks

~ Early arrival of the Snowy Owl

~ Early departure of geese and ducks

~ Early migration of the Monarch Butterfly

~ Thick hair on the back of a cow's neck

~ Overall thicker fur on animals

~ Mice chewing vigorously into a home/early rodent infestation

~ Spiders spinning larger than normal web and seeing a larger than normal of them indoors (NOPE!)

~ Bees secluding themselves in their hive earlier than usual 

~ Unusually high amount of acorns on the ground

~ Bigger pine cones

~ Squirrels gathering nuts early

~ The orange band on Woolly Bear Caterpillar (thinner band=warns of heavy snow, thicker and fuzzier caterpillars= bitter cold)

~ Brighter fall foliage