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By: Meteorologist Megan Mulford
Updated: Feb 7th 2022

Wildlife Wednesdays: Animatronic Pets and Senior Living

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, a retirement community is helping the seniors cope with loneliness as well as provide a sense of companionship. Animatronic pets were brought into an independent living facility in the city of Brooklyn Park. Two cats and two dogs were purchased, using the CARES Act money, and given to several individuals at the senior living facility. 

These robotic animals are just like having an actual cat or dog, without having the responsibility to take care of them, which is perfect for individuals living in the senior homes. “I lost my husband in March and my cat in June, and so it’s nice to have something in your apartment that you can interact with,” one individual said. “I know she’s not real, of course, but I still talk to her and pet her," she goes onto mentioned. They have been such a hit at the senior home and more are going to be purchased. “The [woman] that has the dog, she watches TV with the dog. She said every now and then the dog will bark or look at her. She says it feels like there’s somebody else in the room with her so she’s not as lonely," the article goes onto mention. 

The good news about these animatronic pets is that they are pretty cheap in comparison, around 100 dollars. Hopefully more retirement and communities across the country and world will follow in the footsteps and provide companionship using these pets for seniors.