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By: Meteorologist Megan Mulford
Updated: Feb 7th 2022

Wildlife Wednesdays: Our Love for Dogs

Pets are considered family and we would do anything for them..literally! A study of 2,000 American dog owners were surveyed on how much their dog means to them and what owners would do for their pet. The study found out that 72% of these dog owners would put themselves at risk to save their dog and 78% considered their dog a member of the family.  A survey done by JustFoodForDogs and conducted by OnePoll found that 61% of these dog owners admitted they prefer their pet over some people!

The survey goes onto mention that 45% confessed knowing the names of other dogs in their neighborhood, but not their owners and nearly 47% admitted they have even cancelled plans in the past just to stay home with their pet. 70% of the respondents have been accused of spoiling their dog while 63% said that spoiling their dog is a form of self care. Even 63% of dog owners revealed they are better about scheduling their dog's vet appointment than their own doctor appointments!

The last part of the survey mentions that 49% of the dog owners let their dog sleep in their bed and around 46% let their dog also sleep on the couch. 34% of the dog owners even let their dog follow them into the bathroom while using the toilet or even take a shower! 31% have even purchased custom decorations that looks like their beloved dog. The sign of true love is that even 1/10 (13%) will let their dog sip from their water.