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By: Meteorologist Megan Mulford
Updated: Feb 8th 2022

Beware! Incoming Storms! Watches vs. Warnings

How prepared do you need to be?

When you can chill and when you should freak out!

Severe Thunderstorm: These are regular storms but beefed up. A severe storm must have at least one of 3 keys:
            -58+ mph winds
            -1+ inch sized hail
Tornado: “Finger of God”- That’s right, a Twister reference! Tornadoes are basically a tube of violently spinning air that touches the ground.

Watch vs Warning

Watch: These are issued before a storm and last about 4-8 hours. This means conditions are favorable for severe weather. You can chill… for now, but be aware. You don’t need to change your plans, but you should keep checking the Weatherology app for updates.
Warning: These are generally issued for 15 minutes up to an hour. You are officially at risk for large hail, damaging winds, and possible tornadoes. Seek shelter immediately as severe weather is imminent or occurring…”Run, Forrest, run!” Bring on the fresh (and safe) Instagram footage.


Tornado Warnings are slightly more involved: These last for about 30-60 minutes. Seek shelter in an interior room of the lowest floor of your home or business ASAP! Vamanos!
You can also encounter tornado emergencies. These are issued when there is a large, confirmed tornado in a highly populated area that will likely cause a lot of damage, with a high potential for loss of life. These should not be taken lightly!

Stay Informed

Make sure to have a NOAA weather radio and download the Weatherology app. With emergency weather notifications and real-time audio weather reports, customized for you by real meteorologists, you’ll be the first to know what’s up and help save lives!

Tornado in an open field
severe thunderstorm
Scary clouds!
cumulonimbus cumulo congestus
A growing thunderstorm cloud!