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By: Meteorologist Laura Lockwood
Updated: Jun 20th 2019

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice this year will occur on Friday June 21st, 2019 at 10:23 am CST (15:54 UTC). This is the start of the astronomical summer and is also the day with the most amount of sunlight in the northern hemisphere. The reason for this is that the Earth is tilted at about 23.5 degrees on its axis and rotates around the sun, blah blah blah.

Let's get to something a little more interesting, like where does the term "solstice" come from?

The word "solstice" comes from the Latin words 'sol,' meaning sun, and 'sistere,' meaning to stand still. The Middle English observed that the sun would track higher in the sky at noon, relative to the horizon, while it would track lower in the sky during the winter months. During that transition, the sun would appear nearly stationary (standing still).

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Summer Solstice image of the sun and the angle of
Summer Solstice image of the sun and the angle of the Earth.