US Weather Spotlight: 12-2-18 | weatherology°
By: Meteorologist Jeffrey Nordeen
Updated: Feb 25th 2019

US Weather Spotlight: 12-2-18

The calm after the storm. An excellent way to sum up today's weather. After being hit with a lot of snow and also some ice accumulation in the upper midwest, things are finally calming down. The system will taper off throughout the day today.

However, not all clear in the neighborhood. Some rain showers and possibly some stronger to severe storms are possible in the SE corner of the country. This will be the main focus for our attention.

Looks like a small disturbance kicks up some storms in a line from the Ern tip of Louisiana all the way East towards most of Srn Georgia. The cause for these storms is a surface cold front interacting with the warmer tropical air forcing uplift and allowing the storms to develop.

The main threat with most of the storms looks to be damaging winds in excess of 50 mph. Can not rule out a small spin up in some of the individual cells along that line of storms. Also, some hail could fall, but not bigger than pea size.

Have a great and safe Monday! 

High temps across US.
High Temps across the US. High pressure dominating as well.
Rain showers in SE corner.
Rain showers expected across Ern Alabama and Srn Georgia.
Rain in SE and snow in Midwest.
Snow showers tapering off in the Midwest. Rain showers beginning in the SE.