US Weather Spotlight: 11-4-18 | weatherology°
By: Meteorologist Jeffrey Nordeen
Updated: Feb 26th 2019

US Weather Spotlight: 11-4-18

A very active weather day today. Two low pressure systems are very prominent, with one centered over WI and the other in Alberta, Canada.

Focusing on the low in WI, this will be cause a wide area of rain showers extending from Wisconsin all the way down to parts of Alabama. This will push off to the East throughout the day today. Also, to the north of that system, we expect some snow showers. Snowfall amounts will be around 1.5 inches.

Now shifting attention to the low in Canada, which will bring similar conditions.  On the SE and S areas of the system, precipitation will be primarily rain. To the NW and West of that system, we expect mainly snow showers. Snowfall amounts will vastly be different depending on location. In the Rocky Mountains, for example, snowfall will be around 4 inches, while parts of Idaho and Wyoming could see as much as 9 inches. 

These systems will move out of the US by Thursday and we expect improving conditions.

6 Hour Snowfall
6 Hour Snowfall amounts. Early morning Today
Rain and Snow across the country
Rain from WI down to AL and snow showers in the mountains. Timeframe pictured Early Morning Today.