Weekly Photo Feature Contest: Halloween Theme | weatherology°
By: Meteorologist Jeffrey Nordeen
Updated: Feb 26th 2019

Weekly Photo Feature Contest: Halloween Theme

Our first photo contest has come to an end. The winner of that first week will be announced this Sunday November 4th. With the first contest in the bag, we now need our next winner for this weeks contest.

The theme this week is Halloween. As the holiday came to an end, we want to see the best photos you have from the holiday, to relive all the fun.

To enter to this contest it is very simple:

Send in your pictures to our Facebook or Twitter page via the comment section or direct message. One photo must be landscape, see the header image on the top of this article for an example. You can also send in up to three other photos. Size restrictions will apply.

You have until November 9th, by 11:59pm Central time to submit photos. Winner will be picked by Saturday and featured Sunday.

Make us scream or laugh our heads off... hopefully not literally.

Lastly, prepare yourself for next weeks contest. The theme for next week will be water and ice. It's slowly getting to that time of year where we'll see ice on the water, but if ice doesn't occur feel free to use lakeside pictures.

Skeleton laughing
Skeleton laughing at joke
Scary pumpkin
Scary Pumpkin and candles