US Weather Spotlight: 1-9-19 | weatherology°
By: Meteorologist Phil Genskow
Updated: Feb 25th 2019

US Weather Spotlight: 1-9-19

Surface low pressure system gains strength in the northeast today tracking from close to the New England coast northward into eastern Canada. Several inches of snow are likely in parts of VT, NH, ME, and NY with isolated spots potentially getting up to 12 or more inches. 

Lake effect snows are expected in the Great Lakes today as breezy northwest winds continue with the highest amounts of 6 inches or more possible off of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in northwest PA and southwest NY with mainly 1-4 inches possible elsewhere.

Rain and snow chances continue once again in the northwest with several more inches of snow expected in the Cascades and Sierra Nevada, and even a couple of inches possible in north central NV overnight.

 Snow probabilities > 4 inch
Probability of > 4 inches of snow by Thursday am
Probability of > 4 inches of snow
Probability of > 4 inches of snow by Thursday am