US Weather Spotlight: 11-16-18 | weatherology°
By: Meteorologist Jeffrey Nordeen
Updated: Feb 26th 2019

US Weather Spotlight: 11-16-18

Starting to look like a very quiet day across most of the US today, as the Low pressure system over the NE portion of the country heads out to sea.

High pressure begins to fill in most of the country, except for a small little Low that looks to gain strength throughout the day today just north of Montana.

This system, as it deepens, will cause some rain/mix to the South and East of the center and to the North will be primarily snow. As it moves to the SE, colder air will come around and that will make the primary precip type snow. This will move fairly quickly as well giving parts of North and South Dakota some heavy snowfall and will eventually make it's way towards Wrn and Central Minnesota giving a few inches as well.

Snowfall amounts will vary greatly on location. In ND: Wrn parts could see as high as 6-7 inches, while Ern parts only 2-3 inches. In MN: Most of the Central and Southern portions will only see around 2-3 inches.

The system will be kicked out by high pressure again by early Saturday.

Friday Night total Snowfall.
Snowfall Accumulations by Friday Night.
Snow and Rain showers.
Snow showers North of Michigan and Montana. Afternoon timeframe.
Snow and rain showers.
Snow showers in Alberta, CAN and in Ern US. Evening Timeframe.